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Our pets tell us how they are feeling by exhibiting different behaviours and demeanours which are signals we notice. Sometimes they are very noticeable, others may be less so, when perhaps we think or say to others “they don’t look themselves”. This change in behaviour is the point at which we should take notice to help them overcome their uneasy feelings. It’s important to remember that every animal is different, this includes their responses to the changes they experience e.g. a new baby or person in the family may give rise to behaviour in cats such as staying out longer or soiling in the house. When dogs are in kennels, it’s not uncommon for them to exhibit pacing and excessive barking which gives rise to them going home with a hoarse bark. Any change from their normal environment could result in them not managing to adapt. Cats are more likely to show how they feel by ‘withdrawal behaviours’ such as hiding and lessening interaction with family members.