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When should I let my cat outside?

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A lot of people get a cat because of their independence, but this doesn’t mean we don’t need to take some precautions to keep them safe.

If you are getting a new cat, advice would generally be to keep the cat inside for 3-4 weeks. They need time to settle and get to know their new home, before exploring a totally new territory outside.

If you are getting a kitten, it would be best to keep it inside until it is neutered (5 months). By this stage, the kitten would have had its vaccinations and will also be big enough not to make too many silly decisions outside! Hopefully, they will keep out of trouble.

When you do decide the time is right to let your cat or kitten out, let them outside hungry, when you are around for the day, on a warm morning. This way, it is likely the cat will pop out and explore, but won’t be gone for long as its tummy will be calling for it to return for breakfast!

Once your cat starts going outside, it is recommended they are kept in overnight, as this is when most road traffic accidents occur. It is all too easy for a cat to relax late at night in the dark and quiet, and for the odd car to flash by. An added advantage is that it can also save some of the local wildlife, as cats are crepuscular and naturally hunt at dawn and dusk. Finally, if you are anything like me, it makes you sleep easy, knowing your feline friend is safe at home.

By Emily Craven (Hide) RVN

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