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Make the perfect doggy den!

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It’s important dogs have a ‘den’ or safe place they associate as positive. This gives them somewhere to hide when changes are making them uneasy. Zylkène can also help them cope.

Below is our checklist to create the perfect doggy den:


Ensure the den is large enough for your dog to comfortably stand up, lie down, stretch out and turn around. A dog crate is ideal for this purpose.


Provide the den in a room your pet usually likes to hide and where they feel comfortable.


Line the crate with used blankets, towels or old clothes to make it smell familiar.

Treats and Toys

Provide treats and toys in the den to ensure your pet associates it as a positive place. A hollow chew toy stuffed with kibbles will keep them busy for hours.

Free Access

Allow your pet to access the den freely at all times. 

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