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Find out more about our sponsored handler’s agility dogs

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We had a great time catching up with Mariann Bayliss, our sponsored agility handler last week. We met her competing dog, Ila, and her 5 month old puppy Coral.

Find out more about all of the dogs Mariann will be competing:

Flexadin Advanced Sponsored Dog Ila

Ila is now 4 years old and had her first year of competing in 2017. She has made a really promising start and is currently one win off a grade 6 qualification. Mariann is aiming to qualify her for Grade 7 this season and we wish them every bit of luck!  Agility class levels start at Grade 1 for beginners, moving up to grade 7 for advanced dogs and handlers. Partnerships progress by winning classes and/or accumulating points. This is an extra special story as eighteen months ago Ila went lame and was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and spondylosis. With the help of her vet she has since recovered enough to be able to compete again and Flexadin Advanced has helped her to cope and train at her best. The team are now able to look forward to a positive 2018 season!

Flexadin Advanced Sponsored Dog Coral

Mariann’s other dog is 5 month old Coral. At the moment Coral has started being trained to wrap around the jump wings. A pole on the ground won’t be introduced until she is around 10/11 months old. Training is focussing on laying solid foundations to build on in the coming years. Dogs usually reach the peak of their agility performance at about 6 years old.

Mariann will also be competing Lester the Sprocker, now two, who Mariann has trained since a puppy, as well as a Pyrenean sheepdog and a Pyrenean sheepdog x border collie. Pyrenean sheepdogs come from the Pyrenees (did anyone guess?) where despite their small size, they are hardworking and highly intelligent, making them excellent agility dogs!


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