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Why does separation anxiety occur?

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Why does separation anxiety occur?

  • Being on their own or away from key members of the ‘pack’ some dogs find difficult, others may be bored due to a lack of stimulation
  • Historically, we have chosen and bred dogs that are quite dependent upon us and also interact very socially with us, which may have impacted on the condition. If a dog is excessively attached to one or more members of the household, they may struggle if they are not present. It has been stated that a dog living in a home with a single adult person is 2.5 times more likely to suffer from separation anxiety (Flannigan and Dodman 2001)
  • When dogs are alone, some harmless events or stimuli, such as a firework, clap of thunder or even the postman whistling, may be interpreted as scary and make them frightened. This could be when a specific individual leaves the area and not just when the house is empty. Whatever the causal factor, it is a problem that seems to increase in occurrence with the age of the dog


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