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Dronspot® for cats

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Treats: Roundworms & tapeworms

Pet type: Kittens and adult cats

Formulation: Spot-on

Suggested frequency: At least every 3 months

Worms are a problem you shouldn’t ignore.

Worms are easy for your cat to pick up. Roundworms and tapeworms are the two main types of intestinal worm that affect cats living in the UK. Dronspot also treats hookworm (often grouped under roundworm). But you might not even know your cat has them because symptoms aren’t always easy to spot. But Dronspot spot-on wormer for cats makes worms easy to treat.

Dronspot works fast to fight intestinal worms. It kills every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK cats, helping your furry feline get back to their adventures in no time. Available over the counter as a spot-on formulation, Dronspot provides fuss-free worming for your cat.

Why Dronspot®?

Dronspot - Easy to administeDronspot - Fast and EffectiveDronspot - Suitable for kittens and catsDronspot - Effective after single treatment
Easy to applyFast and effectiveSuitable for use in kittens and adult catsFights worms with a single spot


Spot-on formulations are often an easy and convenient way to worm your cat. The solution is applied to the back of your pet’s neck (at the base of your cat’s skull) and starts fighting worms quickly. It means that unlike many other cat wormers, you don’t need to coax your cat to eat a tablet, which can be a struggle.

Dronspot spot-on wormer for cats fights worms fast

Dronspot - spot-on wormer for cats

Dronspot Spot-on cat wormer is highly effective against every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK cats. It contains two active ingredients that work together to fight worms.


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Dronspot® for cats

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