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Don’t forget a kennel for your dog

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Have you arranged a getaway and can’t take your doggy?

You will need to find them a place to stay, and boarding them at a kennel may be a very good idea. Your faithful companion will be well cared for, have enough room to play and will be able to let off steam with their friends. However, make sure you prepare your dog before the “vacation” begins.

Vaccines are essential 

It is essential, and even mandatory, that your dog’s vaccines are up to date. Your dog should be vaccinated for kennel cough, and uptodate with deworming and flea treatment. If that is not already done, book an appointment at your vet to sort it all out.

A good kennel fills up fast: remember to book ahead! 

Kennels are very busy during school and summer vacation times, and it is not unusual for families who need to board their dogs to book months in advance.

Get info about the options ahead of time and don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your veterinary clinic team; they should know some high-quality kennels! Your family and friends might also be able to help you. When you have chosen your doggy’s kennel, check its regulations, as they vary from one place to another. Some kennels may not accept dogs without a health record.

Preparing your dog: the most important step

To make the separation easier, consider sending a blanket or toy with them that will smell like you: that will reassure them in the first few days. You can also give them Zylkene a few days before you leave.

Enjoy your trip!


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